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Gen. & Laproscopy

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Gen. & Laproscopy

Not all heart problems require open-heart surgery. Our patients may benefit from minimally invasive procedures like cardiac catheterization. In the Cath Lab, we can diagnose and treat a whole host of issues.

The Cardiology Department of RKY Life Care Hospital has a pool of highly skilled and specialized Doctors, Nurses, Cardiovascular and Cath Lab Technicians. The Hospital provides intensive Cardiac Care, diagnosis and treatment of Cardiac and peripheral vascular diseases. It is equipped with the latest technologies for Cardiac Catherizations and Angiography, Angioplasty, Valvuloplasty, Echo, Holter and Stress testing.

At RKY Life Care Hospital, we have facility of advanced Laser surgery for varicose veins and anorectal disorders. The advantages of Laser treatment over Open surgical treatment are: