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Advance Critical Care

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Advance Critical Care

Advance Critical Care The support of 20-bedded Critical Care Unit, with specialized Medicine, Cardiac, Cardiothoracic, Neurological, Surgical, Burns, Gastroenterological and Neonatal Units provides the specialized back-up care that is essential for serious patients.

RKY Life Care Hospital has been pioneering advances in critical care Our excellence is based on a combination of multidisciplinary teams, the most advanced clinical facilities and a focus on clinical quality. At RKY Life Care Hospital, we provide the full range of services for comprehensive, patient-focused management of various critical care conditions.

We leverage advanced technology (e.g. ABG machine, bedside USG and echo machine, bronchoscope, cardiac markers machine, EEG monitoring, invasive and non invasive monitors) and skills to ensure patient safety and superior clinical outcomes (lesser mortality, reduced length of stay and almost no infection rate).

Team work is critical when it comes to critical care. Our entire care team works together, using strict protocols to minimize infection, complications and ensure speedy recovery. Nursing staff and clinicians have an excellent coordination particularly at patient’s bedside. As always, you can count on us to do what is right for you.